DIY Kitchen Cabinets in Adelaide gives you creative control.

But don’t run with it without consideration of what needs to be done right. We can totally relate with the excitement of building kitchen cabinets with your own hands.

Just don’t get carried away and commit costly mistakes along the way.

Common mistakes people make with DIY Kitchen Cabinets Adelaide

  • Underestimating your storage needs

Do you think 4 Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets will suffice?


Take the guesswork out of the process by making an inventory of everything you want to be stored in your kitchen. The last thing you want is to hide those fancy pasta jars and delicate China because there’s not enough room for them.

  • Adding organisational tools as an afterthought

One way to increase the efficiency of your kitchen storage is to add pantry pull-ups, additional drawer dividers, lazy Susan, and similar items.

These small add-ons should be included in the design from the get-go. Failure to do so could mean taking down everything already installed to make room for them. Another option would be to forgo such features, which isn’t an option at all.

  • Not paying attention to details

You want to install flat pack kitchen cabinets next to the under-sink drawers and another one next to the fridge.

Everything looked fancy and functional when each piece is in place.

But when you pulled the drawers open, you can’t open the cabinet doors next to them. And when you try to open the overhead cabinet, the hinge is hindered by the side of the fridge.

It’s the small details that can ruin your plans – big time.

  • Wasting extra storage space

Do you know how much storage space you can sneak in with a tall kitchen? Plenty.

Mix flat pack kitchen cabinets with toe-kick storage, pull-up pantries, and the like and every inch will give you room to store kitchen essentials and more.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets Adelaide offers will make for a convenient way to add storage space and customise your kitchen. But avoid mistakes that will ruin your plans.

Tips for getting more value out of Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets

Flat packs make a great alternative to custom-built cabinets.

Get more out of your investment:

  • Buy high-quality kitchen cabinets sold at reasonable prices. It’s a rare combination, but an awesome find when you discover such a deal.
  • Choose outdoor-rated cabinets for outdoor kitchens. They will last longer when they are designed to withstand the harsh elements.
  • Don’t sweat assembly and installation. Follow the step-by-step guide to the letter and seek expert support when needed.
  • Get flat pack kitchen cabinets from a trusted supplier. You’re guaranteed happy with your purchases if you do.

What customer stands to lose if they don’t use flat packs from Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets


Our kitchen cabinets are designed with DIY-ers in mind. That’s why they’re easy to assemble and don’t require expert skills.

Items can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep too.

Great deals

Flat pack cabinets are sold at affordable prices but are made to last a long time. Expect good returns for your investment.

We supply nothing but the best in DIY outdoor kitchens. So give us a call today or visit our website for product details and deals.