Don’t Make These Mistakes When Building Outdoor Kitchens in Sydney

If you are planning to make outdoor kitchens in Sydney happen, you should.

Don’t wait for grill season to finally open before you start thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen. Because then, you won’t be able to enjoy the season as much as you would have wanted.

But in designing an outdoor kitchen, there are some things you need to be careful about.

What are they?

Outdoor Kitchens Sydney

Common mistakes people make when designing Outdoor Kitchens Sydney

In Sydney and practically the rest of Australia, an outdoor kitchen is a must. But it’s only functional when done right.

  • Ignoring the call of a tape measure

Just look at those beautiful outdoor cabinets.

Before you click to buy, however, you should measure the available space for the cabinetry. Too small and you might be able to fill in the missing piece. Too big and you could be flushing money down the kitchen sink.

  • Not mapping out the kitchen layout

Just like an indoor kitchen, outdoor BBQ kitchens also need to follow the correct layout for aesthetic and functional reasons.

Map out where the sink, stove/grill, and the refrigerator should go to ensure proper workflow.

  • Forgetting about weather and nature

Remember that you’re building outdoor kitchens in Sydney, making it vulnerable to the harsh elements.

Make sure to choose furniture, cabinets, appliances, and other items that are built to withstand weather and nature.

Outdoor BBQ kitchens call for outdoor-rated furniture and appliances.

  • Failure to plan for the power source

You know where the outdoor cabinets, appliances, sink, and other items will go. You have it all mapped out in your head and on paper.

Did you map them out according to where the electric, gas, and water lines are?


  • Failure to up the ambience

Sure, the kitchen is built outdoors with the garden as the backdrop and the sky for a cover. But the outdoor space can look more inviting if built with a bit of effort.

Add dimensional lighting options. Accentuate with a few accessories.

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