Planning your outdoor space

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to use your yard space, adding another room to your home and making it easier to enjoy eating outside. With Outdoor kitchen cabinets available as flat pack DIY in a number of shapes and sizes, you can build a really useful, easy to use outdoor kitchen with just a little effort.

But, just because it’s outside, doesn’t mean you can just put whatever comes to hand wherever you want, to enjoy your outdoor kitchen space, you need to plan it, just like any other room in your home. The first thing to think about is exactly where your outdoor cabinets will be built.

Think not just about the way it fits, but how easy it will be to cover your DIY kitchen cabinets to protect them in the winter months. Also, look at exposure to wind and direct sunlight, perhaps locate your outdoor kitchen where you already have some protection against those elements. If you are building an entire space from scratch, this is less of a problem, as the outdoor kitchen cabinets will fit into the new space as planned, but for expanding your existing outdoor area, think carefully about where the shelter is in your outdoor kitchen area.

Once you have chosen the right space, then you need to work out the best layout for your DIY outdoor kitchen cabinets. Remember, you are building a kitchen, so you want plenty of storage around your grill to keep your kitchen tools, and a work surface in a convenient place. Cutting up meat on a tray may be ok once in a while, but if you want to make use of your outdoor kitchen regularly, a good work surface makes it a pleasure to use.

Once you have all the outdoor kitchen cabinets planned the way you want them, then it’s the fun part! That is picking the finishes and colours you want to use for your outdoor cabinets DIY fitting. Bright colours look great in the sunshine, but sometimes a subtler shade fits better with the rest of your outdoor space.

It is important to remember that planning your outdoor kitchen is just like planning any other room in the home, make sure the layout is practical as well as looking great, and always think about how the space will be used when choosing where and what type of outdoor kitchen cabinets are placed.

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